Rand Water Urges Johannesburg Residents to Store Water Ahead of Maintenance

Rand Water, the bulk supplier responsible for water distribution in the region, has issued an urgent advisory to Johannesburg residents. The upcoming extensive maintenance program, scheduled between June 22 and July 29, will impact several critical systems, including those managed by Johannesburg Water and other municipalities.

Why the Urgency?

Preventive maintenance is crucial to enhance the efficiency and reliability of Rand Water’s systems. By proactively addressing maintenance needs, Rand Water aims to minimize disruptions and ensure uninterrupted water supply for its customers, including Johannesburg Water.

Impact on Johannesburg Water Systems:

During the maintenance period, Johannesburg Water’s systems supplied by the Palmiet and Eikenhof pump stations, as well as the Daleside booster station, will be affected. Residents may experience low water pressure or temporary water supply interruptions. Full system recovery is estimated to take approximately five days or longer after supply restoration.


  1. Palmiet Pumping Schedule:
    • July 1: Pumping at 60% capacity for eight hours
    • July 15: Pumping reduced to 68% for 50 hours
    • July 29: Pumping reduced to 76% for 40 hours
    • Note: Palmiet supplies water to Sandton, Midrand, South Hills Tower, and various reservoirs.
  2. Daleside Booster Station:
    • Affected on June 24: Waterflow reduced to 50%
    • Note: Daleside booster station relies on Zwartkopjes pump station, which also serves Hector Norris pump station, Parktown, Berea, Yeoville, and Foresthill reservoirs and tower.