The Gauteng Liquor Board ready to conduct random blitz to curb under-age drinking

people holding beer bottles

The Gauteng Liquor Board (GLB) has in the past noted with great concern a recurring phenomenon where certain high schools throughout the province host events associated with either matric dance after parties and “pens-down” events with an intention to relieve stresses related to examinations.

To curb these occurrences, the Gauteng Liquor Board wishes to state that it has not received nor sanctioned any sale of liquor at schools hosting such an events as that would be unlawful. The Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003 explicitly prohibits the sale and supply of liquor to persons under the age of 18 years.

The Act also prohibits the sale and supply of liquor without a valid liquor licence or permit. It makes it a criminal offense to consume liquor in or near any public facilities and to be intoxicated in any public space, including parks.

The Board further warns organisers of such events to refrain from hosting such events for a number of reasons, one being that the Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools declared all public schools “alcohol-free” zones and therefore no educator, parent or learner is allowed to possess or use alcohol during school activities.

Similarly, the Board cautions licensees and outlets against hosting these events. Any outlet or licensee found selling, supplying and or allowing learners or persons under the age of 18 years to consume alcohol at their premises will have their licences or permit revoked by the Gauteng Liquor Board. To avoid the sort of mayhem the irresponsible sale of liquor to the under-age sometimes spawns – as exemplified by the 2022 Enyobeni Tarven disaster – the Board will adopt a zero-tolerance policy.

Through blitzes, conducted along with our partners in law-enforcement, our liquor inspectors and the SAPS designated liquor officers will crack the whip on those who flout the provisions of the Gauteng Liquor Act.

To help the Board enforce the law, members of the community are encouraged to report non-compliance by sending emails to or text us on WhatsApp at 082 497 3254 or 060 532 4027, and their anonymity is guaranteed.