CROSBY JHB – It was a hit, not a hijacking or robbery, says family of Joburg businessman killed in driveway

  • The family of a businessman who was shot and killed in his car claims his murder was a hit.
  • The man, who is an Egyptian national, was shot multiple times in his driveway in Crosby, Johannesburg.
  • He later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.
  • By: Ntwaagae Seleka Coutesy: NEWS24

“It was a hit. It was not a hijacking or robbery.”

Adill Ibrahim said he believed his brother-in-law, Egyptian national Mostafa Mahklouf, was killed in a well-orchestrated hit at his Crosby home in Johannesburg.

Mahklouf was shot six times, according to Ibrahim.

In a video that circulated on social media, Mahklouf is seen reversing his vehicle out of his garage towards the open gate behind him.

Outside, a man is seen hiding behind the wall on the pavement. Mahklouf then drives forwards, and as he does, the person who is hiding behind the wall enters the yard.

He goes straight to the driver’s side and shoots Mahklouf through the window while he is still seated in his black Ford Ranger bakkie.

He then runs out of the yard after the shooting. The incident took place in the early hours of Wednesday. According to Ibrahim, the killer did not act alone. 

“He was with some people. He was hired by someone to kill my brother.”

Ibrahim added the information they received so far showed the killer spent some time waiting for Mahklouf.

“He was seen from 17:00 along Inver Street where my brother resided with his family.

“He spent hours walking up and down the street. Someone should have seen that the person looked suspicious and alerted the police before he brazenly killed him.

“In another video, we have seen, the gunman hid under a tree three houses away from Makhlouf’s home.”

Ibrahim said after shooting Mahklouf, the gunman ran in the direction he had come from.

“When my brother arrived after midnight at his home, the shooter was not there. He [Mahklouf] then parked his BMW sedan on the street and went to the garage to remove his bakkie. As he was about to drive out to park the bakkie on the street, the shooter pounced.

“He tried driving into the yard and the man fired six shots at close range. Five struck him.”

Ibrahim added Mahklouf was shot in his right cheek, shoulder, and chest. He was transferred to a private hospital where he later died.

“The killer and the people who hired him must be arrested. He didn’t rob or hijack him. It was a hit. It was not a hijacking or robbery.

“The shooter focused on killing him. We plead with the police to act on the case.”

At the house, Mahklouf’s bakkie stood near the front door, with the right front window riddled with bullets.

On the ground, were two bloodied white towels and a bloodied right Nike sneaker.

Dried bloodstains covered the back of the bakkie and others on the stoep, while some were splashed around the bakkie.

The police had not responded to News24’s queries by the time of publication.