Gratitude for Gift of the Needy’s Contribution to Our Water Tank Project and Hamper Drive

In a heartwarming collaboration transcending geographical boundaries, Gift of the Needy, a benevolent organization based in Durban, extended a helping hand to support Fordsburg Independent Newspaper’s vital initiatives in Johannesburg. We extend our deepest gratitude for their generous sponsorship toward our Water Tank Project and their invaluable assistance in our hamper drive.

Water Tank Project: Providing Lifelines in Times of Crisis

Fordsburg Independent Newspaper has been actively addressing the water crisis in various communities, particularly Vrededorp, Fietas, and Jan Hofmeyer. Gift of the Needy’s sponsorship has significantly contributed to our Water Tank Project, which aims to bring sustainable relief to the elderly in Old Age Cluster Units.

This initiative involves installing 2500-liter Water Tanks connected to the mainline water supply in each cluster, ensuring a consistent and accessible water source for elderly residents. The tanks act as a vital resource, especially during unplanned water shutdowns, providing relief to those who face physical challenges in fetching water.

Zakaat Hampers: Nourishing Both Body and Soul

Gift of the Needy, in conjunction with Fordsburg Independent Newspaper, generously distributed 100 Zakaat Hampers to the elderly in Vrededorp, Fietas, and Jan Hofmeyer. These hampers, made possible by their support, transcend mere sustenance; they symbolize compassion, unity, and the Islamic principle of sharing wealth.

Gift of the Needy’s Mission: A Beacon of Hope

Gift of the Needy, based in Durban, is dedicated to assisting needy families and individuals in their journey towards self-sufficiency. Their mission aligns with our goals of providing short-term relief and long-term empowerment. By striving for service excellence and fostering poverty relief developmental projects, they contribute to restoring the dignity and honor of those facing hardships.

Contact Information for Gift of the Needy:

Physical Address: Shop 2 Ajmeri Manzil,
140 Moses Kotane (Sparks) Road,
Overport, Durban, South Africa
Postal Address: P.O. Box 37434, Overport, 4067
Telephone: 031 271 3102 / 6


Fordsburg Independent Newspaper expresses profound thanks to Gift of the Needy for their unwavering support. We encourage the community to join hands in backing their noble mission, fostering a spirit of collective upliftment and compassion.