Gift of the Givers office head in Gaza killed by Zionist IDF.

Ahmed Abbasi, a kind, gentle, warm human being was directly targeted by the apartheid Israeli forces in Gaza whilst returning from morning prayer today with his brother, both were killed. Abbasi, a father of three, served the people of Gaza with distinction since 2013 being appointed as the head of Gift of the Givers office in the region. He was responsible for implementing multiple projects including the care of orphans, widows, elderly and the ill. He delivered water through our desalination plants, distributed food parcels, provided hot meals and upgraded damaged homes. A few days ago he mentioned that it’s better to sit with his family of thirty four in their own apartment and wait for their turn to die in dignity, as unarmed martyrs, rather than run from place to place as directed by the IDF. He was a witness to the lies and deception of the IDF asking communities to move to safety and then bombing them on the way killing hundreds.

We are grateful that he served us for forty consecutive days during this war where the cold blooded murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide of a defenseless civilian population, caught up in a ghetto, took place at the hands of the anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian, anti-Christian and anti-Muslim, inhumane Zionist Israeli murderers.

Gift of the Givers fully supports the call by our President Cyril Ramaphosa, to haul the terrorist from Tel Aviv, Benjamin Netanyahu, in front of the ICC for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing. We also fully support the motion in parliament today for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador with immediate effect and the severing of diplomatic ties with the Apartheid State of Israel. We want to add that Israel should be held accountable to pay war reparation in the rebuilding of Gaza and compensate every single family they have decimated.

To Ahmed Abbasi “to the Almighty we belong and to Him is our return. Rest in peace my friend, you have served with distinction. Justice will be done, God’s wrath will descend and Truth will be made manifest. Israel has already lost”.