Unleashing the Beast: A Review of the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T

Porsche’s relentless pursuit of driving perfection takes a bold leap with the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T, a limited-edition model that challenges the very essence of raw driving experience. Inspired by the track-focused 911 S package from 1969, the 911 S/T showcases a back-to-basics approach, stripping away excess weight and adding exhilarating modifications to create an unparalleled driving engagement.

Engine Roar and Powertrain Dynamics:

Behind the wheel, the S/T immediately asserts its dominance with a symphony orchestrated by a 4.0-liter flat-6 engine borrowed from the 911 GT3 RS. This engine, unburdened by sound-deadening materials, generates a cacophony that fills the cabin, delighting enthusiasts and drowning out conversation. The 518 hp and 342 lb-ft of torque, coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission, a short-throw shifter, and a lightweight flywheel, create an unparalleled powertrain engagement. The S/T’s acceleration to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds makes it the fastest naturally aspirated 911, promising an adrenaline rush that few cars can match.

Weight Savings and Handling Precision:

The pursuit of weight reduction continues throughout the S/T’s design. Carbon-ceramic brakes, magnesium wheels, and various lightweight components contribute to a total weight of 3,056 pounds, making it the lightest 911 in the lineup. The absence of rear-wheel steering, adjusted steering ratio, and a lack of driving modes highlight Porsche’s commitment to a back-to-basics driving experience. These changes, along with a tuned suspension for a more forgiving ride, promise a handling prowess that begs to be explored on the open road.

Distinctive Design and Interior Experience:

Inside the minimalist cabin, the S/T embraces a performance-focused ethos. With only two skeletal seats and minimal adjustments, the interior embodies a racing-inspired aesthetic. Phosphorous Green graphics in the instrument cluster add a touch of uniqueness, emphasizing the car’s sporty character. The 911 S/T pays homage to its heritage as part of Porsche’s 60th-anniversary celebration, limited to 1,963 units worldwide, each priced at $291,650.

A Hefty Price Tag and Limited Availability:

With the exclusivity of the 911 S/T comes a substantial price tag, setting buyers back $105,000 more than the GT3 Touring. However, Porsche sweetens the deal with a Heritage Design Package for an additional $20,360, offering distinctive visual enhancements that include classic Porsche crests and a unique two-tone leather interior. To further discourage speculation and encourage driving, Porsche mandates a one-year lease for initial owners.

Conclusion: A Raw Nerve of a Car:

The 2024 Porsche 911 S/T stands as a testament to Porsche’s dedication to the driving enthusiast. With a visceral driving experience, aggressive styling, and limited production, it is not just a car but an experience. While its price may raise eyebrows, the S/T’s unmatched performance and exclusivity make it a collector’s dream and a driver’s thrill. As deliveries begin next spring, lucky owners will find it hard to resist the temptation to unleash the S/T’s unbridled power on the open road.