South African Organisations Express Solidarity with Palestinians

In a letter addressed to Minister Naledi Pandor, a coalition of South African organisations and religious groups has come together to express their unwavering support for the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli military occupation. The letter, endorsed by a diverse range of entities, highlights several key points and calls for a just resolution to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

The letter, signed by prominent organisations such as the United Ulema Council of South Africa (UUCSA), Minara Chamber of Commerce, and the Southern Africa Dawah Movement, reaffirms the following principles:

  1. The inalienable right of the Palestinian people to resist Israeli military occupation, including the right to armed struggle.
  2. The right of Palestinians to engage in armed resistance, which is recognized in customary international law and affirmed by the United Nations General Assembly in various resolutions.
  3. Condemnation of Israel as a settler colonial state that commits apartheid against Palestinians and engages in ethnic cleansing.
  4. Rejection of the term ‘terrorism’ to describe Palestinian acts of resistance, emphasizing that it is inappropriate for the colonizing force to dictate how the victims should resist.
  5. Concern over the UK government’s efforts to criminalize all forms of resistance to Israeli actions, indicating a broader challenge to Palestinian existence and resistance.
  6. Criticism of the international community’s double standards in responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  7. Disappointment in the United Nations’ inability to enforce its own Security Council Resolutions on Israel and uphold international law.
  8. Belief in the necessity of releasing Palestinian prisoners, dismantling the apartheid state, allowing Palestinian refugees to return home if they wish, and ending Western support for Israel to achieve peace in the region.


The letter is endorsed by a wide array of organisations, including religious and cultural groups, educational institutions, and youth movements, demonstrating the unity of South African civil society in support of the Palestinian cause.

This collective statement reflects the deep concern and solidarity among South African organisations and citizens for the plight of the Palestinian people and their desire for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The letter emphasizes the need for international engagement and action to address the ongoing crisis in the region and calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.