Press Statement : Izzat Al Risheq

Member of the Political Bureau,and head of the Hamas Media Office issues press statement

Over the past 48 hours, millions of people around the world took to the streets – from Jakarta to California, from London to Johannesburg – the free people of the world marched in support of Palestine and demanded an end to Israeli genocide.

At the same time, the world has witnessed one of the most intense propaganda campaigns unleashed across Western media. Lies and smears have been repeated across media channels without scrutiny or fact checking. Western governments have taken the side of the illegal occupation and sought to ban protests and silence the voice of justice.

But they are not succeeding. Within days, their lies are being debunked and their unjust stifling of free speech is being defied.

The people of palestine acknowledge and salute each person that has come forward to support Palestine and Gaza.

The zionist occupation and its allies in the West have tried to stifle your voices and deter you from coming out. But you have valiantly defied that intimidation. You have come out in your millions across the world to demonstrate your solidarity with our legitimate right to fight the illegal occupation that has been a curse for more than 75 years.

Your peaceful protests and marches give voice to our just cause. They expose the Zionist entity of its total lack of moral legitimacy.

We remember here the saying of the late Nelson Mandela who said “we know well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” And it is this saying that millions of protesters around the world personified when they took to the streets.

Of course, mainstream media deliberately sought to minimise the coverage of these protests. But we have seen them. Our people in Gaza have seen them. We draw strength, knowing that there are millions of decent people across the West who oppose their governments criminal support to Israel as it plans its next phase of ethnic cleansing. We draw strength from seeing people expose complicit media organisations for their unforgivable role in enabling this ongoing genocide in Palestine.

We salute our people in Gaza who sacrifice their lives and their limbs in pursuit of their freedom.

And we salute the free people of the West who march in support of our just cause. Continue to raise your voices across social media; continue to march and protest; continue to defy all unjust labels and smears; continue your opposition to the illegal occupation until the people of Palestine succeed in their struggle against apartheid!

Hamas has always said that there is no surrender, there is only freedom and justice. We reiterate this stance again, and just as we ask all the people around the world to continue organising, campaigning and lobbying.

We affirm that we will continue our struggle until ending the occupation and establishing our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.