Gift of the Givers Provides Lifeline Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, South African humanitarian organization Gift of the Givers extends a helping hand to those affected. Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman, the founder of Gift of the Givers, emphasizes the dire situation in Gaza, where they have maintained a permanent presence since 2014.

Over the weekend, hostilities erupted in Israel when Hamas launched a surprise attack, resulting in over 1,200 Israeli casualties and an estimated 150 hostages. This escalation marks a grim chapter in the long-standing battle over land and sovereignty, as the Israeli Defense Forces swiftly responded, setting the stage for a devastating war with Hamas, which controls the besieged Gaza Strip.

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers, expressed the grim reality on the ground, referring to it as a “total massacre.” The devastation includes flattened residential areas, with over 1,100 casualties, including more than 300 children, and 6,000 people wounded. Furthermore, 10 hospitals have been targeted, and 10 ambulances have been destroyed, rendering four of the hospitals non-functional. With no electricity and water shortages, 2.3 million people rely on a makeshift desalination plant set up by the organization. The situation is compounded by the destruction of 48 schools, making movement on the streets perilous.

Dr. Sooliman points out the harrowing conditions faced by the people of Gaza, with even food trucks from Egypt threatened with bombings, highlighting the inhumane nature of the conflict.