Palestinian Resistance COMMENTED on ISRAEL’S RAID of Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital:

“We hold the occupation and President Biden fully responsible for the Nazi occupation army’s invasion on the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

We hold the occupying entity and its new Nazi leaders, along with President Biden and his administration, fully responsible for the consequences of the occupation army’s raid on the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, and what the medical staff and thousands of displaced persons are subjected to, as a result of this brutal crime against a health facility protected under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The leaders of the occupation and all those who conspired with them in killing children, patients, and unarmed civilians will be held accountable.

The adoption by the White House and the Pentagon of the occupation’s false narrative, claiming the resistance’s use of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex for military purposes, served as a green light for the occupation to commit more massacres against civilians to forcibly displace them from the north to the south, completing the occupation’s plan to displace our people, as stated by many ministers of the occupying entity.

The silence of the United Nations, and the betrayal of many countries and regimes, will not deter our Palestinian people from clinging to their land, their legitimate national rights. We will remain committed to our people by continuing to defend them and their rights with all our strength. The occupation will pay dearly for its crimes and aggression against our children, women, and sanctities.

Gaza has been and will remain a graveyard for the invaders, and tomorrow is near for those who wait.

And indeed, it is a jihad of victory or martyrdom.”