Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

Kathrada remains hospitalised

Press statement

Anti-apartheid struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada’s condition remains unchanged. He is currently still in hospital in Johannesburg.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Director, Neeshan Balton, dispelled the malicious rumour circulating that Kathrada had passed on. “We condemn these rumours and request the public to refrain from reposting or spreading fake news or any updates that cannot be verified. We reiterate our commitment to providing regular and accurate updates about Mr Kathrada’s condition both to the media and the public.”

Balton encouraged people to follow the Foundation’s social media accounts, where updates to Kathrada’s condition will be regularly posted. “Our Twitter handle is @KathradaFound . Updates posted via this account can be considered official,” Balton said.

He also thanked the public for the various initiatives that have been organised to wish Kathrada well. “We are deeply grateful for the immense support from the public. We are thankful for the various prayer meetings, vigils and messages of support that continue pouring in. The support from both within South Africa and abroad are a reminder of how Kathrada has, and continues to, inspire so many.”

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